Last Update: Mar/6/2016

Freiburg English Club

The Freiburg English Club is a loose-knit group of folks who meet regularly to speak English, get to know new people, and do fun activities in and around Freiburg (Breisgau), Germany.

The basic rules are:

The club is non-commercial and open to everyone
You should be proficient enough to hold a basic conversation
Both native and non-native speakers are equally welcome
There is no formal membership and there are no membership dues
We generally meet every week on alternating days

Our age range is from 17 to 60+ and we have members from all walks of life.

All communication and organization, including events and activities, is coordinated via our Yahoo! group.
You can also find us on Facebook (must be logged into Facebook)


Check the group home page for more information
Have a look at the calendar to view our events (must be logged into Yahoo!)

join the Freiburg English Club click here. You don't need to be a Yahoo! member to join and participate but not all parts of the group site will be accessible to non-Yahoo! members.

If you're are Yahoo! member you can join the club directly by clicking on this button:

Hope to see you soon at one of our events!


The Freiburg English Club